Our approach

We operate as entrepreneurs and business
owners rather than merely investors

We are shareholders in durable businesses that will endure the tests of time. Our capital allocation strategy focuses on becoming partial or whole owners in businesses with robust business models, great products and services, happy workforces, stable suppliers and operating environments, and delighted customers.

We are entrusted with the management of our investment partners’ capital, which in most cases represents the hard-earned savings of individuals and families. Our investment portfolios are conscientiously crafted seeking the growth of capital, while holding the preservation capital as our fundamental priority.

Our clients

We serve hundreds of thousands of individual beneficiaries

Our clients are primarily leading institutions, such as pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, funds of funds, but also single-family offices, and successful entrepreneurs. Our dedication is to the preservation and long-term appreciation of the assets we manage. As careful stewards of capital, we believe the alignment of interests with our investment partners is paramount – our proprietary capital is substantially invested alongside that of our clients.