• Venture Capital USA Founded 2017

    Applied Intuition enables engineering and product development teams to safely develop, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles at scale.

  • Venture Capital USA Founded 2017

    AvantStay is a premier next-generation hospitality platform that is setting the standard for the short-term rental industry, with over 1,000 properties across the United States.

  • Venture Capital USA Founded 2017

    Mercury provides full stack banking services to startups – checking and savings accounts, cards, foreign exchange, and equity and debt financing.

  • Venture Capital Canada Founded 2017

    Sheertex is the inventor, manufacturer, and distributor of apparel products utilizing its proprietary ultra-resilient sheer fabrics for garments, such as, indestructible pantyhose.

  • Majority Controlled Switzerland Founded 2002

    Tellco is a financial group with $9bn in AUM, providing banking, asset management, pension, and real estate services

  • Majority Controlled Portugal Founded 1986

    Vangest group offers integrated solutions in design, engineering, rapid prototyping, mold manufacturing, and injection molding.

Company Name Description Country Founded Partner since Current stage
Joy Joy is an all-in-one wedding planning platform. USA 2015 2016 Growth
Labdoor Labdoor is a trusted marketplace for supplements. USA 2012 2016 Early
Aella Aella is a diversified credit infrastructure powering payments in Africa. Nigeria 2015 2017 Early
Applied Intuition Applied Intuition offers software for the simulation, development, and validation of self-driving cars. USA 2017 2017 Growth
Disclosures.io Disclosures.io, acquired by HomeLight, helps real estate agents manage their listings by streamlining workflows between listing and buyers agents. USA 2016 2017 Exited
Fetch Fetch is a marketplace for self-service truck rental. USA 2016 2017 Early
Mercury Mercury is a bank for startups. USA 2017 2017 Growth
Mobydish Mobydish is a marketplace for full-service catering. USA 2013 2017 Early
OneLocal OneLocal offers Cloud-based tools for all local businesses' CRM and marketing needs. Canada 2017 2017 Early
Snappr Snappr is the one-stop-shop for visual content creation. USA 2017 2017 Growth
Standard Bots Standard Bots makes hardware and software for collaborative robotics. USA 2017 2017 Early
Tizeti Tizeti provides broadband internet services in Africa. Nigeria 2014 2017 Growth
Activeloop Activeloop provides an API for creating, storing, versioning, and collaborating on AI datasets. USA 2018 2018 Early
AvantStay AvantStay is the premier next-generation hospitality platform for group travelling. USA 2017 2018 Growth
BioRender BioRender is a collaborative design tool for life sciences. Canada 2018 2018 Growth
BlueCargo BlueCargo provides software and real-time information for trucking companies. USA 2018 2018 Growth
Cognition IP Cognition IP is a technology-powered Intellectual Property firm offering on-demand counseling at a flat fee. USA 2018 2018 Early
Corvus Robotics Corvus Robotics manufactures autonomous drones to track warehouse inventory. USA 2017 2018 Early
Evry Health Evry Health offers health insurance for mid-sized companies that is cheaper and provides more effective medical care. USA 2017 2018 Early
Go X Go X is a scooter rental platform in top US cities for micro-mobility. USA 2018 2018 Early
Kunduz Kunduz is an ed-tech startup democratizing test prep and learning via AI and its tutor network. Turkey 2016 2018 Early
Look After My Bills Look After My Bills, acquired by GoCompare.com, is an auto-switching service automatically optimizing bills. UK 2018 2018 Exited
Mighty Buildings Mighty Buildings designs and manufactures sustainable and high-quality homes using 3d-printing, robotics, and automation. USA 2017 2018 Growth
Phiar Phiar, acquired by Google, develops an AI-powered augmented reality navigation driving software solution. USA 2017 2018 Exited
Rain Neuromorphics Rain Neuromorphics builds artificial intelligence processors inspired by the human brain. USA 2017 2018 Growth
Sourcify Sourcify is a sourcing platform that helps e-commerce brands manufacture products in Asia. USA 2017 2018 Early
Spot Insurance Spot Insurance offers accident insurance, distributed at the point of sale. USA 2017 2018 Growth
SRTX SRTX builds new materials and software to enable better textiles, starting from Sheertex' impossibly strong pantyhose. Canada 2017 2018 Growth
Aumni Aumni, acquired by J.P. Morgan, provides investment analytics software to the private markets industry. USA 2018 2019 Exited
Cityfurnish Cityfurnish is a rental subscription service for furniture and appliances in India. India 2015 2019 Early
Cuanto Cuanto builds software to help Latin American creators monetize their audience and sell over social media. Panama 2018 2019 Early
Earth AI Earth AI is an AI-powered vertically integrated metals exploration company. Australia 2016 2019 Early
First First provides an all-in-one delivery operating system for restaurants. USA 2014 2019 Early
Heart Aerospace Heart Aerospace designs and manufactures electric airplanes. Sweden 2018 2019 Early
LineLeap LineLeap is an app where customers can purchase all of their nightlife products in one place. USA 2017 2019 Early
Lucid Drone Tech Lucid Drone Tech builds autonomous industrial drones for labor-intensive jobs, starting with the cleaning market. USA 2018 2019 Early
Mars Auto Mars Auto builds autonomous trucks to completely automate warehouse-to-warehouse truck operations. South Korea 2017 2019 Early
Vangest Vangest is a leading European manufacturer of plastic injection moulds for the automotive industry. Portugal 1986 2019 Mature
Fondeadora Fondeadora is a Mexican neobank. Mexico 2018 2020 Growth
Handl Handl converts documents into structured data through an API. USA 2018 2020 Early
Verifiable Verifiable provides an API for healthcare compliance. USA 2019 2020 Growth
Bytez Bytez develops software to make research papers more accessible to developers and data scientists. USA 2021 2021 Early
Jupiter Jupiter is a creator-first recipe and grocery shopping platform. USA 2019 2021 Early
Tellco Tellco is a Swiss based financial group comprised of a bank, asset management services, pension fund services, and real estate services, with over $9 billion in assets under management. Switzerland 2002 2022 Mature
Baton Baton is a small and medium sized businesses acquisition marketplace. USA 2022 2023 Early
Intently Intently provides sales teams targeted leads and automated outreach. USA 2022 2023 Early
Omnistrate Omnistrate is a platform transforming any software into a multi-Cloud SaaS offering. USA 2023 2023 Early
Pair AI Pair AI empowers creators, educators, and experts to launch addicting mobile-first video courses and provides AI-assisted coaching services at scale. USA 2022 2023 Early
Porter Porter is a full-stack accounting software for startups. USA 2023 2023 Early
Theya Theya is a Bitcoin self-custody app for affluent individuals and wealth advisors. USA 2023 2023 Early